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If you call us, please let our office know your email address. Otherwise, you can not guarantee that your request will be answered.

We can not always answer our users' calls or emails immediately, but we always strive to help users with problems or difficulties - even if it takes a little longer.

Development and maintainance

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First of all we would like to thank all friends, users and visitors of this website.

The large number of registered users on our international offshoots tells a lot about the success of our approach. Registered members use for their friends and relatives to make gifts and to present it. Without all our users to have their valuable suggestions for further development, their contributions, criticisms and encouragement, success and the positive development of and its international offshoots would be unthinkable.

We also want to thank all those, who have contributed to the success of this page in any way.

Special thanks to Thomas Stollenwerk, for his continuous support of our development on this site, Reinhard Trummer, for creating the comic book graphics on this site and his good ideas as a designer, Thomas Fuchs, who developed the Scriptaculous framework used here and who offers his services as a javascript expert, the members of the Prototype Core Team, of the Cake Development Team, the makers of, each for making available their services (or the respective contributors for making available their services) under open source licenses, Google and its employees, whose developments allow an efficient marketing of our advertising space on this site, and to all partners who have contributed to the publication of this website.

General guidelines for usage

We have created our content with the utmost care. However, we take no liability for any damage, any kind whatsoever. Visitors can - and should - use our site as intended. Of course, you can give your created vouchers and invitations to pass on to third parties - that the vouchers are for. But it is not allowed to operate any own web or other projects with the vouchers and graphics, or otherwise commercially exploit these.


If there are any complaints on this site, so we would appreciate an e-mail. The complaint will then be turned off immediately.