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Gift certificate templates for Sports

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Pool Billiard

Create a gift voucher worth pool billiard supplies, like cloth, balls, cue or table
If you want to give a billiard-related gift, consider special billiard supplies, like a billiard cue, billiard balls, a new billiard cloth or a whole new billiard table.

Dancing lessons

Here you can edit your own gift certificate for giving away dancing lessons
Dancing lessons - there are always those persons for whom you have trouble finding the right gift.


Soccer Gift Certificate
What can a caring and discerning relative or friend get for a gift? Soccer gift certificates may be the answer to this question.


Create a voucher online for skiing or for a skier
Create a gift certificate for a skier, to his or her favorite mountain resort, ski shop, or outdoor apparel store.

Fitness Center

Make the Gift of Fitness and Health
If you are looking for a good gift certificate to give to your significant other, consider a gift certificate to a fitness center.


Free entrance for swim, swimming pool, swim training lessons
Free entrance at the baths, a swimming pool or swim training lessons.


Create bowling gift cards
Have you ever met someone who didn’t enjoy bowling? There are some gifts that are hits for almost anyone.


Tennis lessons gift certificate
A tennis gift certificate takes the challenge out of buying and leaves the matter of choice to the fan.


Golf gift certificates for any golf enthusiast
Golf gift certificates are the perfect gift idea for golfers.

Rock Climbing

Make Rock Climbing a Gift
A rock climbing gift certificate is the perfect gift for athletic explorers.


Gift Cert for a bicycle, bike ride or bike trip
You may create a pesonalized gift certificate for a new bike here, select a price range, color, or type of bike then.

Riding Lessons

Create personalized Gift Vouchers for Riding Lessons
If you have a horse enthusiast to shop for on your holiday gift list, few things will bring them more joy than a gift certificate for riding lessons or horse supply.


Angling and Fishing gift certificate or gift card
There is an incredible variety of different types of fishing and angling equipment and accessories to choose from.


Create someone a Sailing Gift Voucher
You can give your friend a personalized gift certificate to go on that sailboat they have been waiting for.

Under Water Diving

Create a custom Under Water Diving Gift Certificate
If your gift recipient is adventurous, a gift certificate or voucher for under water diving will be a special treat.

Discount gift certificates

Sports and exercise

There are many different forms of sports and all challenge the athletes to be the best they can be. Conditioning requires yeararound training. They train themselves each and every day to rise to the occasion of completing the course they started. When their bodies are near exhaustion, their minds remain focused on the course and they will not allow themselves to end their trial early. At that moment, the endurance athlete digs deeper inside to that part of them that will get them across the finish line. It's about 'desire' and becomes mind-over-matter.

Sports that require endurance are truly gaining in popularity today. Participants range in age from elementary school students to senior citizens, with each group challenging others in their age bracket to do their very best.

One has to wonder why any athlete would choose to participate in a sport requiring so much dedication and pain. From an outsider's point-of-view, it would appear they are addicted to punishing themselves. Even when they near dehydration, they never allow themselves to give up. With extreme intensity, they focus on their goal and some how find the courage to summon one last spurt of energy to cross that finish line. Where they rank in the race becomes inconsequential. What matters is they finish. Their desire to succeed is what carries them forward.

Each athlete has their own personal reason for participating. If they meet their personal goal, they definitely become a winner. Endurance sports require undeniable dedication and are the ultimate challenge.