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Mother's Day gift certificate template

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Here, you find 2 gift ideas, comments or contributions to Mother's Day shared by our users.

Mom - Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day, Relax a day and let Pinkii's Helping Hands do the chores. 10 Hours of Home Cleaning or What Ever you need to make your Day Special. Love, Amy and Chris

Happy Mother's Day Mom

it's not every year I can be home this close to Mother's Day to help you clean (for the gala party), so...given that's what you'd like, that's what I am willing to do...CLEAN :) Love you a bunch!! kathy xoxo

Mother’s day gift certificates

Show your appreciation with a gift

Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate mothers. In the 20th century it has established itself through the western world. In many countries Mother' Day is on the second Sunday in May. In 2008 Mother’s Day is on the 11th of May.

The great poet, Friedrich Wilhelm Kaulisch (*1827, +1881) once said:

If you still have a Mother, then thank the Lord and be content
Not everyone in this big round world has been given this gift
If you still have a Mother, then you should look after her with Love
So that she can rest her weary head in peace
From your first day she feared for you the greatest fears
In the evening, she brought you to bed, and, in the morning, woke you with a kiss
And when you were sick, she cared for you, bearing the greatest pain herself

When all others gave up on you, she stood firm that you were not lost
And if you no longer have a Mother, and can no longer bless her
Then you can still decorate her cool grave with flower wreaths
A mother's grave - a holy grave! For you an eternal sacred place!
Oh, return to this location, when the waves of life batter you

Utilizing the gift certificate form

You may well have landed here because you’re searching for the right gift certificate form for a Mother’s Day gift. We can help: Use our website to easily create and customize your gift certificate form for Mother’s Day. Simply fill out the form on our website and you receive a finished gift certificate. Your mother will be overjoyed.

Information about Mother’s Day

The Internet provides a wide range of websites specifically about Mother’s Day. Visit Mother’s Day for example. Here you can find inspiration and background information about Mother’s Day, colorfully packaged on a great website, entertaining reading and special articles about wives & mothers.