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Confirmation (protestant) gift certificate template

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Receiving Confirmation
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Mother's Day gift certificate form
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Confirmation (protestant church)

Create a Confirmation Gift Certificate for someone being confirmed

Confirmation is a time when a child (usually preteen aged) will make a committment (or confirm their dedication) to the teachings of the church. This is a very solemn and important time in anyones religious life. They will be on their way to becoming full fledged members of the church and will take on the responsibility of learning all they can and passing that knowledge on to the next generation.

You can make this important day even more special by presenting a custom made gift certificate to someone who is celebrating their confirmation. There are websites available online that will allow you to design your own gift certificate and you can make it for anything you want.

You may want to design a certificate for a confirmation with religious symbols on it, such as crosses or Bibles. The amount of the certificate is set by you and they can cash this in for the value or purchase items at their favorite stores with it.

Whatever design you make for your gift certificate, your gift will be remembered for a long time.