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Happy Birthday

This entitles you to a Day of Golf on December 29th with the Wrotham Golf Society XXX Happy Birthday Honey X

Happy Birthday Clint!

Happy Birthday Clint!

Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons at CL

Golf Lessons!

Two 1/2 hr lessons for the two of you at Canadian Lakes

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Enjoy a round of golf or hitting golf balls at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua on me!!!nnYour Sweetheart!nMary Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

Ryan.....Hope this small gift results in some big changes.nnAll our love,nMom and Dad


This certificate is redeemable for a free round of golf at the world famous Rancho Vista Golf club located in the beautiful city of Palmdale California. Lunch and beers will also be served.


Merry Christmas son put towards some fun with your boys.We love yyou so very much. Love Papa & Nana Clause

Congratulations Rick!

Congratulations Rick on your 20 year company anniversary! From your VERY hard working and diligent know who we are!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Nathan and I would like to treat you to a bucket of balls and a round of golf. Something you did with me many times and now I want to share that with Nathan. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Darren

ROund of golf with Sterling at your choice of course. Dinner following with Doug and Heather at your to be club TYCC

Merry Christmas

I realize this is kind of cheezy but wanted you to pick where you go for the lessons.

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