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One roundtrip ticket.......

....from Newark to Cincinnati choose the date!


Have a fun trip in 2014!

Papa's 70th birthday

Great printable gift certificate!

Merry X-Mas

The weather is great this time of year for you to get out in the open blue skies!

Mark LaBella

Love your big sister Dana

Return flight to Melbourne

Easter has arrived again this year But chocolate and kilos are what we fear So a trip to Melbourne is what we will do to but a dress, maybe a goodie or two Your Mum and sister will be with you as well Your Mum will be driving so dont give her hell.

Hi Hawaii!

Ryan & Kristi: Thought you could use a little R&R. A short flight and you will be laying on a beach drinking Mai Tai's with the sweet scent of hibiscus & coconut carried on gentle breezes. You pick the time; we supply the airfare & accommodation. Ahhhhh.