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Travelling familyman
Travel, short trip
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Travel gift certificates

Family And Travel Over The Last 200 Years

Modes of travel have changed many times over the past 200 years. During the early 19th century, travel across land was on foot or horseback. Crossing rivers required a canoe. Buggies and conestogas were later developed and became the standard for family transportation.

In the early 1890's, a revolutionary buggy was under development. People referred to them as 'horseless carriages.' Bystanders were intrigued by the daring and often reckless drivers donning trench coats and goggles to keep dust off their clothing. Others cursed the noisy contraptions because their horses would become frightened, rear up and wildly run away. In 1895, the very first mass produced automobile, the 'Velo,' was introduced and 134 vehicles were manufactured by year-end.

As automobiles developed over the next century, so did people's desire for speed. People began to envision the possibility of flying to faraway exotic places. As a result of those dreams, the airplane was developed. Unfortunately, faster travel served to create stress. People then looked towards the ocean as being the last earthly place remaining to experience true inner peace. Tranquil oceanic island cruises to nowhere, and with no telephones, became the ultimate family vacation.

Thoughtless abuse of the world's energy sources has now caught up with society and shortages are eminent. The world's population must slow down and become energy conservators. It may sound insurmountable but could be the key ingredient to restoring close family ties. Imagine a future of home-cooked meals, better health, and enjoying the company of one's own family. How unique!

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