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Clothing gift certificate template

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Dress, clothing
Dress, clothing
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Christmas Austin 2016

Merry Christmas Austin!nI love you so much!nXXOO...Mommie C!

Clothing gift certificate

Identifying Your Clothing Style

How do you identify your clothing style? Take a look in your closet, see what you've got. Do you notice a common theme? Are you more of a "jeans and t-shirts" kind of person? Or are you a "classy" dresser?" Do you like loud, wild prints- or muted neutrals? If you notice a common theme or the same types of clothes in your closet and dresser, then you've likely found your clothing style!

For those of us who wear many different types of things, and have no specific theme or "style" in our way of dressing could find it a bit more challenging. For those with this problem, I suggest going to your nearest mall- no, not to buy anything- just to "browse." While you're there, visit as many stores as possible, and see what catches your eye. Take a friend with you, and have them help you keep track of the types of thing that catch your eye.

Getting clothings as gift from others may be disappointing. Gift certificates are more likely a right choice.

When you get home, discuss any recurring themes or favorites. You've found your clothing style- wasn't that easier than you thought it would be?