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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


What is this site for?

GiftCertificates.Net enables you to make individual gift certificates. It provides you with images and motives as well as gift ideas for the very last minute.

With GiftCertificates.Net you make personal vouchers for friends and family online, using your web browser. The process is simple and quick. The designs are produced by the website at your fingertips and can be downloaded as a PDF in seconds, to be printed on your printer at home.

In addition, the site offers a large selection of several gift ideas, with proposals to design attractive gift cards and good ideas for imaginative lettering and titling of your gift vouchers.

What does it cost?

Nothing. We run this website as a free service for our users. Feel free to recommend our site and our web development services to your friends, family and business partners, if you like.

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What is the typical procedure for making my own gift certificate?

Select from the menu bar next to a subject or a topic that fits the occasion or the recipient.

Adjust the positions of the graphical elements for your voucher, and then press the "Download & Print" button.

Your voucher is prepared and immediately available for download. You need the free Adobe Reader to view and print the coupon.

How do I get the free Adobe Reader?

You can download Adobe Reader here. It is a viewer for PDF documents.

Can I suggest new motives?

Yes, please send us an e-mail. We use your recommendation to note and in the further development of GiftCertificates.Net.