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Dining gift certificate template

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Fine dinner
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Gift Certificate

for an evening in the best restaurant in town!

Dining Gift Certificates

Invitation for dinner

An invitation to a noble restaurant represents a truly sincere gift. However choosing the right place for a social event like this is an important decision. Take advantage of online restaurant critics and guides to find the best restaurant. Or, check out the website of the National Restaurant Association. Then all that’s left to do is to choose the right wine.

Color, Odor, Sapor

Wines need to be tried. Those who do not wish to drink just one wine and drink alone can purchase a series of wines for a wine tasting among friends or take part in a professional wine tasting.

The Romans understood the correct sequence for a wine tasting: Color (= color), Odor (= aroma), Sapor (= taste).

First observe the color of the wine and swirl the wine in the glass slightly. This sets the aroma free. Test the aroma and then taste the wine. Only the interaction among all three elements reveals the true characteristics of the wine being tasted.

The color of a wine reveals a lot about its quality. The color also says a lot about the wine’s age. For white wine: “The darker, the older”. Over the course of time red wines change color from violet-red towards rose. Particularly intensive colors hint at an especially intensive taste.

Sampling the aroma of a wine is only a brief sniff. Because a short, fast sniff allows more air and this more scent to enter the nose. Do not underestimate the importance of the aroma. The aroma plays a highly important role in the taste. Taste, despite the name, actually arises from a combination of both the sense of taste and the sense of smell.

Then comes the actual tasting itself. A comfortable aftertaste without residual bitterness is a good sign.


Fine dining

If you are going to invite your love to a fine dining at home, don't forget to get her something real good - along with an exquisite wine. Think about a starter, like best caviar, a light main course, maybe from french cuisine, and, of course, about real sweet desserts.

If you wish to make some a gift of this magic of the senses then select one of our wonderful gift certificate templates. This vastly increases the anticipation. Then, create custom gift certificates on your own and give them away.


This image shows a wine connoisseur holding aloft a glass of red wine. You may customize this easy gift card with our online editor and download it as PDF to your computer. The wine waiter standing next to him has just served the wine and makes a toast. Cheers!