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The Categories' Overview.
Lifestyle, Beauty, Wellness

Lifestyle, Beauty & Wellness

E.g. a spa voucher, voucher for a massage and payment of costs for the visit to the hairdresser, cosmetic items, or voucher for a treatment at the beauty salon, foot studio, pedicure, manicure, nail care studio, etc. You are about to find several kinds of blank gift vouchers here with us.

Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking, Dining

E.g. the coupon for a restaurant visit, breakfast in bed, romantic candlelight dinner or an invitation to eat ice cream.



Here you'll find for example a surprise coupon, love coupon, voucher for a gift of money, a travel voucher, a hotel voucher, a voucher for computers, baby-sitting, a book, flowers, for a clock, and more.

Experiences, Events

Experiences and events

There are for example: cinema voucher - is also usable as voucher for a football TV night - an example voucher for a family trip, an invitation or a voucher for a concert, photo shoot, balloon ride, etc.


Sport and Recreation

There are vouchers, such as invitation to a soccer game, fitness center, ski holidays or ski weekend, cycling, swimming and tennis as well as many more templates.

Automotive, mobility

Auto, motor, mobility

Here is a voucher for the driver's license or a driving lesson, motorcycle or car trip.

Occasions, holiday, religious

Holiday and Religious

Vouchers for example for birth and birthday, for Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day and Father's Day.