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Gift certificate templates for Health & Beauty

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Create a gift certificate for Eyeglasses or Sunglasses
Using a customizable gift certificate for eyeglasses or sunglasses is an excellent option for making glasses a gift.

Thermal Spring

Create a gift voucher and invite someone to a hot hermal spring or spa
One of the best ways to spend your down time is relaxing in a hot thermal spring.


Create a cosmetics gift certificate, here
Cosmetics - the dizzying array of cosmetics out there really can make it difficult to decide what is best to give away.


Here you can find a spa or health & beauty gift certificate
Spa - this page enables you to create and print gift certificates for any desired health & beauty treatment.


Massage therapy gift certificate, online gift card
The massage is a stimulation of skin, tissues and muscles.

Day Spa

Donwload day spa gift certificate
As they are convenient places to go to, day spas offer one-day packages as well as multi-day programs.


Health & Beauty gift certificate for a pedicure
Foot care and pedicure - our feet are one of the most important parts of our body.


Making manicure a gift with our gift card design tool
What better way to relax and look good than to get a manicure? Regardless of whether you go "all-out" and get French tips, Acrylic or Solar nails - there are a few things to remember when considering getting a manicure.


People love receiving jewelry as a gift
How does one select a piece of jewelry that will match a recipient's personality and sense of style? An answer may be: customizable gift certificates and vouchers.


Here, we offer printable tattoo and body painting gift certificates
Gift Certificates for Tattoo or Body Painting, create customized Gift Certificates here.

Body Piercing

Body Piercing as a Gift
Many individuals enjoy piercing various parts of their body and face.


Personalized gift coupon to get someone visiting the Coiffeur
Everyone needs to get their haircut.

Beauty & Relaxation

Make someone the gift of beauty & relaxation

In this section you can find beauty care & health gift certificate templates. Beauty and cosmetic products are always a great gift idea – Whether a weekend in a luxurious health spa & hotel or gentle Ayurveda. Simply use our so easy online editor to customize a spa gift certificate for your loves and them hand it out.