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Paris gift certificate template

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The Wall

Here, you find 2 gift ideas, comments or contributions to Paris shared by our users.

Happy 12th Birthday

Have a wonderful birthday party and send me some pictures. With love, Gigi

Happy Birthday Courtney

Happy Birthday Courtney Good for a shopping trip With love to my 12 year old Granddaughter Gigi

Paris Gift Certificate

Customizable Gift Certificates for a Trip to Paris or a Paris-related Gift

Does your daughter, girlfriend or parent dream of taking a trip to Paris? Has someone you love always wanted to visit the lovely city, but they’ve never been able to afford it? You may be thinking about sending them to Paris for their birthday or anniversary. However, how do you give a vacation as a present? You certainly can’t wrap it!

Use customizable gift certificate templates to create a “Trip to Paris” gift for a loved one. There are plenty of websites that let you choose and design gift certificates. Then you can either order the gift certificates to be sent to you by mail, print them out on your home computer or have a professional copy company print them out on heavy card stock.

Giving a gift certificate for a trip to Paris is a much better idea than giving a check to cover vacation expenses. You won’t know exactly how much the trip will cost until you book it and if you give a check, you run the risk of either giving too much or not enough. Avoid this trouble by customizing a special gift certificate.

It’s not always a good idea to book the trip in advance because you never really know what someone’s schedule looks like. You can, though, write on the gift certificate a list of everything that the vacation includes. If you’re going to be paying for the airplane ticket, hotel room and activity fees, make this part of the gift voucher.