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Hot Air Ballooning gift certificate template

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Hot Air Balloon
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Create a gift card worth a Paris-related gift, just like a trip to Paris
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On line gift certificate

Hot Air Balloon Ride solves Marriage crisis!

How can a hot air balloon solve a marriage crisis? Just ask Marry and Tim of Orlando, Florida. Faced with streesful jobs, and an overwhelming family life, Marry and Tim felt the romance slipping out of their marriage. Rather than give in to the boredom, they fought back by booking a hot air balloon ride.

Long associated with romance and adventure, the champagne breakfast early dawn ride was the right spice to add to the marriage mix. The Balloon floated silently over the quiet landscape below. Lakes dotted the landscape, glittering in the early morning sun. Birds flew past the balloon, to investigate this new creature of the air. The Hot Air Balloon captain gave a soothing tour, his melodic lecture pointing out interesting and noteworthy landmarks. The Balloon ride conjured visions of a more peaceful time, an era of adventuring flight, and journeys around the world made in eighty days, instead of eighty hours.

The Hot Air Balloon ride served as a valuable lesson to the couple in slowing down, and appreciating their surroundings and each other. A Hot Air Balloon ride is the perfect solution to any couple facing adversity and wanting to add a little something extra to their lives.